Greenwich Mean Time GMT

week 48; 2022


feelin' real good! on one hand, i'm kinda super duper anxious about work because i don't know what i'm doing AT ALL. on the other hand i'm feelin' real good!

yeah, don't tell anyone but i have been working this weekend on job work because i'm so anxious about it. but i've also showered more days in a row than i can remember, and cooked nearly every meal i've ate! though i did also lick a lamb burger and then eat it from at some banker's Christmas party which resulted in a lady telling me she would "end" me and calling me a ponce. i haven't been called a ponce since i lived in Liverpool and i went out to the shop for a can of tizer one day with pyjama bottoms on.

i've been reading a lot, and writing too. going outside nearly every day. found a big Sainsbury's near my flat (10 min walk) that i'd somehow not noticed for the first year i lived here. i got the brewdog advent calendar, but i am yet to drink even the first beer from it. i can't really drink until i've solved this particular work problem. just the part where i understand what i'm actually going to do. once i've solved that i can drink all day like normal.

what else... what else... oh yes! i joined a hermetic order. can't talk much about it right now but i did the induction in my kitchen and it was quite the event of fire and light.

oh also my dutchie lid got stuck in my frying pan for a week but i managed to get it off by cooling the dutchie lid down with ice while heating the pan up with fire.

there must be other things... maybe not. glad to be reading again, glad to have a challenging problem. nervous, very nervous. drinking a lot of tea. still a bit sick, but i think it's more the evidence of how the virus has ravaged my body than any sign it remains there still.

i fear i may have offended someone, but i don't remember who.