by chee rabbits

British Summer Time

week 22; 2022

penny-pinching… preventing papiloma...

i'm having kind of a rough week, emotionally and spiritually, but it'll be OK.

problem in this town is too many scuttleheads.

i was sick the first couple days of the week. on Wedneday i went to Bromley and got the HPV vaccine. my nurse was very nice, we talked about michael jackson and sonic the hedgehog and really yucked it up.

i've been kind of weird and emotional since, don't know if the vaccine is interacting weirdly with my hormones or not.

spent some of the week researching old tarot card decks.

found out i'd been the victim of a scam, which is a shame. been saving money to make up for it.

making progress towards my Return To CDMX. i think i can still make July work, but it will require deep focus and concentration. i'm Frugal Franny. i'm Thrifty Thisbe. i'm the prudent princess Parsimonious Paloma.

just been tidying and saving and having naps. guess i'll try to go to bed soon.

i'm happy, though. very.