British Summer Time

Week 33; 2022

Did a couple days work, took a holiday Wednesday for a mall trip with Dani. Dani got a great new jacket. We got some tacos. On the roof of the Stratford Centre we watched Everything Everywhere All At Once.

photo of sunset from rooftop. cinema screen in center of photo. chairs block off the lower half of the photo. the sky is pink and purple, gold and grey.

My neck started getting stiff and painful again on the way home. Tired, I ordered a cab. Driver told me it might be because of the very weird weather, weird pollen. Does the same to him. No, not right now. But he took a tablet this morning, takes it every morning, yeah.

Maybe it is the pollen. What are the similarities between those days with the incredible neck pain? Spent the whole day out. Ate poorly. Watched a movie with someone cooler than me. Could be pollen. Could be blood sugar. Could be an allergy to watching movies with somebody cooler than me. My throat's so sore the next couple days I had to take off work. A tiny little hole, can't swallow properly, hurt to breathe. Anyway, you don't want to listen to me complaining.

I have a crush on Timothy Olyphant. It's out of hand.

Started feeling better on Saturday night, late. Cleaned the apartment a bit. Couldn't sleep. Other stuff happened this week. I've quite a lot of notes too. Not feeling them, though. This will have to do. With all this excitement I do feel as though I'm getting the vapours. What is a timebank?

Sweet dreams.