by chee rabbits

British Summer Time

week 33; 2022

i can’t believe how short a post this is going to be for how big a week it was, but it’s so late and i can’t do a whole post.

the week i spent mostly working and building a mac notebook app. swift is great fun to write.

the weekend we went to michoacán with her family who i love. we went back to her auntie’s house after we all met for dinner after sofia and i went to janitzio and climbed to the very top of the island. it was beautiful. i will put pics of these trips another time.

i just missed my flight home for the second time this year. this time i was standing at the gate and watched them close it; there were still another twenty minutes before it was scheduled; as a matter of apology a man in a red vest told another staff member to give me a free flight for tomorrow.

i will not be in the office Tuesday as planned. because i will be in México.