British Summer Time
- feel like i’m losing my mind - booked a hotel room because the man at the desk told me at 5am i could check in at 10am - at 10:10am i went back to the desk. he was gone and everybody else acted like that didn't happen and there has never been a check-in before 3pm - i explained _hablé con un hombre a las cinco_ and that el hombre told me i could come back at 10. they said "oh, ok sir please take a seat sir, i'll speak with the cleaning staff sir" and i went and took a seat for an hour and nobody spoke to me and when i looked at them they looked away - so eventually i got up and walked back to the desk and the guy who told me to take a seat while he spoke to the cleaning staff an hour earlier said "¡buenos días!" like we'd never met? - and then i told the people at the desk the exact same story again and they acted like the previous conversation had never happened? and they said "ok but we will charge you 700 pesos for an early check in" ??? and gave me the key card - they said "your room is on the third floor on the right" but the third floor elevator leads to a corridor containing a locked door? - so i took the stairs but the stairs between the 2nd and 3rd floor were blocked off? - so i walked all the way around the building and found another set of stairs marked _prohibido_ and i went up those and took a left and there was my room - nitpick: the room isn't the one i ordered because i asked for a king and this has two queens but whatever - also while i was waiting between 5 and 10 i had a nap on their sofa and now i don't even really need the room but whatever - the wifi password is wifi