Greenwich Mean Time



this week I took vacation to work on bento. on Thursday evening I went out to a concert with Gabi. the show was oliver tree at the troxy. there were music videos playing behind every song. the artists mostly sang along with a backing track. it was a good show, but strange and of a future i don't feel part of. it was a tiktok concert. no space between the songs, constant sound. clips, skits, a movie. i think mr. oizo would have liked it. the support act Super Computer was enjoyable. i think they would enjoy quiet party.

every other hour was spent rewriting the internals of bento to make way for the new features and UI fixes. the rewrite is now released. it has reduced power usage by a lot and fixed some other issues but is otherwise basically the same. i have started adding the new features but i am very tired and not very good at anything today. i've tried all my normal tricks such as playing beat saber, having a shower, and tidying up but nothing has worked. it is bed time soon. in an hour or so i will eat half a buffalo mozzarella and then lie down in bed and read.

i don't want to go to work tomorrow.