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week 44 2023; praying to whatever god will have me

i had a bath today.

i would like to be everybody's diary.

made some bread out of almonds. got per-step playback speed working on bento (not live yet). i am so bad at math. sorry to everyone who has texted me and to whom i haven't responded. bento has lots of new features (check out grid selector at the bottom), and i've just figured out the math and UI for the next bunch. i think once this next set of features is done (which will probably take about 1 or 2 weeks) i'll pause work on it for a little while, make some music, write a little. i keep reïnventing flight.js.

i've had to learn so much. i've never worked so hard on anything.

zeezy is in cairo. hi zeezy.

i have no regrets this week. i ate cheese in the bath. the almond butter bread was a real highlight honestly. 80g almond butter, an egg, baking soda, a pinch of grated mozzarella, pinch of salt, all blended up and throw it in the oven until clean prong. delicious. with avo and evoo and za'atar. very good.

i'm awake too late again. time for sleepy rabbit sleeping tiem