British Summer Time GMT+1

week 17 of 2024

Word of the day is threnody, stressed with the rhythm of melody, a poem or song of mourning or lamenting.


We've started using Things 3 to keep track of our To-Do lists. It's fun using a pretty app. it's really good just having a single place to put things instead of having decision paralysis every time i think of something.

blood soaked horses

a number of horses were on the loose in central london. there was a white one and he was drenched in blood. here's how the headline on the live post by the independent changed over time:

  • 'Number of horses' on the loose in central London - as one appears to be covered in blood
  • Blood-soaked runaway cavalry horses charge through London as soldier injured
  • Blood-soaked Household Cavalry horses loose in central London injuring people and hitting cars
  • Three soldiers among those injured as blood-soaked cavalry horses rampage through city
  • Runaway horses in serious condition ‘but still alive’ minister says
  • London horses – live: Runaway horse Quaker’s condition ‘not looking good’ as Vida returns to stables

now, ignoring the transition to a somewhat accusatory tone directed at the horses, it is true that that one white horse was called Quaker as in tremble at the word of god which evokes Revelation "and behold a white horse, clothed with a robe dipped in blood, and His name is called The Word Of God". the only thing john the revelator got wrong is that Christ was not upon the horse, Christ was the horse and he trampled on some soldiers. There were 3 soldiers and one non-soldier taken to hospital for horse injuries. Their names have not been released so until we know for sure it's best to operate with the assumption their names are Conquest, War, Famine, and the non-soldier Death.

sparkle brindisa sparkle

we went out for a wonderful spanish meal at Brindisa, LB to celebrate the schengen appointment and eat chorizo. great dinner. the beer hit a little too hard. i had a small chat with some irish people who were pretending not to be irish. i noticed my old vape shop has been replaced by an independent french patisserie which seems like the wrong way round for how these homecomings go and is quite pleasing. we met luke blaney, one of our planet's strangest people, for a little empanada at porteña.

rooftop cinema

went to the rooftop cinema with dani to watch clueless. dani was a little late so i got our blankets and found some seats. dani is recovering from whooping cough because dani is a chimney sweep and/or news boy from victorian london and/or four year old child.

tell you what Peckham is wild these days. i moved out of there a few years ago and i thought i knew what direction it was going. lot of people who would’ve moved to shoreditch if the rent wasn’t high moving in. so i thought oh i know where this is going, but i’ll tell you what i was wrong. that place has the highest freak density in london, and i mean that in a good way. all kinds of wild people going around. now there’s bouncers at every bar because more students are drinking there, but there’s also man in the street making barbecue in an overturned barrel listening to reggae. in need of further analysis.

On the train home was a guy trying to get to “the next big town” after Lewisham. "Woolwich!" When I was reading out the steps when I’d got out of the bathroom and I read him the steps “Woolwich! Does this stop there?” And I checked and it does. He had a djembe and a few other drums and bells and he stank of piss and had bright clothes and he looked me right in the eyes with his icy blues and said thankyou and he bumped my fist. That kind of older red-sknned white man with close white hair covering his whole head but thin and spare and not dense. Once you’ve given someone time who everyone else is trying to ignore those other people won’t meet your gaze any more. Did I taint myself or do they just not know how to act? I’ve never known.

You cast a very interesting silhouette. that's OK fox, I'm not here for you. trying the crackled path leading out from the cathedral to my home

While i was on the toilet zaina slapped me in the face with £500 cash and knocked my glasses off.

night mare

this night i had one of the strangest and most persistent nightmares of my life. we were all in a war and we could all cast these magic spells to attack and harm and maim our opponents and there was a crowd going around who'd figured out how to make us cast all our known spells on ourselves and they were much more powerful than us. i kept realizing it was a nightmare and waking up and being like "phew!" but then i'd fall back to sleep and be back in the same nightmare as though it was not a dream but just another reality that was running alongside the one in my waking life.

saturday after payday

a long day but a lot of fun. started out with a grand perigrination across the island of england from lewisham, south greenwich to a business park in north to eat an incredible lebanese breakfast at beit el zaytoun. house of olives. a sort of fairuz theme restaurant on the canal. i'd never been before but when we stepped down by the canal i realized i'd been right next to it a bunch of times as it sits on the Grand Union facing the Grand Junction Arms, a place i am by accident several times a year next to the mcvities biscuit factory. with the bakerloo line closure and Harlesden closed we may have picked the worst day of the year to make that journey, but a 2 hour morning constitutional (walk, not poop) puts you in the right frame of mind for a breakfast for two that could feed a family of five. heart

we walked to north acton, got some documents printed by the guy who owns anakin skywalker in star wars episode 1, and took a choochoo train to TCR where we visited the graveyard of the british invasion and got some stationery and saw a girl being carried around on a ladder ladder by several gay men and 1 straight man in a kilt and bought some undergarments and ate mexican food at the first mexican restaurent in the UK and drank beer and ate koshari and drank beer and ate nuggets and pork buns and drank beer and went to zoozoo's with big dreams of packing up some little boxes for her move and getting a 2am Bolt (cheaper and fast) but maybe we'll just lie down for a little bit cozy for a few minutes before we get started and oh we're waking up and oh it's 7am and i have to rush off to get a washing machine and none of the packing has happened.

now, this looks delicious:

selotape in a navy bag with a tear strip that makes it look like a bag of
crisps or candy

you know those weird pubs that don't know who they are? house music and pub grub... pickled eggs and 909 hats shouldn't be in close proximity, it is unhygienic

sunday machine

and now i'm at home waiting for that washing machine that hasn't been delivered yet. made a breakfast of humous and a corn tortilla with cheese and za'atar and now i'm drinking beer and waiting for the new washing machine.

i can't wait to have a washing machine with a countdown clock on it and one that doesn't leave a strange smell! i am less enthuastic about the bluetooth icon i've seen on the washing machine in the pictures, but we'll see. maybe it'll be fun and i'll be able to link it with (my favourite programming language) to have a certain song play when the wash is done and automatically add a reminder to empty the machine!

i've got a thing now where every time i come home my phone automatically adds a reminder to type up all my paper notes into my digital notes.

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