Greenwich Mean Time GMT

week 10; 2022

  • pfff, who knows.
  • monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday there were fuckers in my house repairing boilers and bath panels and doing gas certificate tests and electricals and a landlord property inspection
    • felt really on edge most of the week knowing fuckers were gonna come to my door
  • i descaled my espresso machine. that orange light has been blinking since i lived in peckham
  • finished watching M*A*S*H and started again with the laugh track off
  • went to a God Is An Astronaut gig on Friday evening
    • there are a few things i'd forgotten about myself
      • i don't like being in crowds
      • i don't like being near loud noises
    • i've remembered these now, big time. my ears still feel like something happened to them
    • after the gig we went to the Polo Bar across the road from Liverpool Street Station
      • it's a 24 hour café and bar that has the feel of an old diner
      • it's cute in there
  • i keep going to sleep and disappointing everyone
  • happy birthday valeriya