by chee rabbits

Greenwich Mean Time
i just had this really fucked up dream where there were people who had had their skulls cut open and their brains reprogrammed with tubes and then i was in the back of this car and i was explaining to somebody that obviously the plan was to eventually make it so everyone "voluntarily" have their brains reprogrammed because of the extra powers that it would give them, but eventually places like public libraries would say you needed to have your brain reprogrammed with tubes in order to enter for the security of the other customers but that it would mean that the police would be able to shut you down or read your memories any time they wanted. then the car suddenly screeched to a halt and the driver said over an intercom "the cheebot is malfunctioning" then then i got pulled out of the car onto the sidewalk and they cut my skull open with a knife and started fixing my programming with tubes then they started cutting open my leg and pelvis and it was so painful that i woke up then i said "hey google what time is it" and my google pod thing said "5 thirty pm" and i was like "what" and then i tried to move and couldn't then i woke up again and i still couldn't move and i said and i said "hey google what time is it" and it said "between 1 and 2" and i was like "what" and then i woke up again and now i could move and i said "hey google what time is it" and it said 7:49a.m.