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week 19 of 2024

  • 🌄 sunrise 5:12 a.m. British Summer Time
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  • partly sunny 21℃ and Mostly Cloudy

so sleepy !!!

the package arrived from bartlett it was the magazine offal. i really enjoyed the pieces i read and look forward to reading more.

Apple Shortcuts is my favourite programming language. it's so there, and really is Actual Thing Oriented, objects that are real stuff you can feel and understand and hold touch rather than data efficient memory layouts. It has triggers now on the iPhone so you can launch a Shortcut when you come home, or get a text from a certain person, or at certain times. really fun.

a lot of the time you can change how you think.

i did something fun for work last week, and i'll be finishing it up tomorrow. i know being fulfilled by your job is for protestants and capitalists, but today is the first sunday in a while i've not been dreading tomorrow and that's nice.

last sunday when zoozer came over we started a week of keto. on monday we went to a whiskey tasting at buffalo trace. later i made some creamy cajun chicken that i will make again. animal of the day: the humble fanaloka.

in the morning it was eggs with chorizo and fresh mozarella and parsley. i had had enough that day of straight gays, data "journalism" and concision. later there was salmon fish and tahinia salad.

we deleted our amazon accounts, zoozoo signed up for fastmail, we read books on our ereaders. i've read john dolar's erdogan pizza (5⭐) john wyndham's the chrysalids (3.7⭐). if you are on thestorygraph and want to be my friend on there you can add me my username is cheee.

i had preördered fadi kattan's new recipe book bethlehem a few months ago. it's out next week. i'd preördered it on amazon so when i deleted my account i re-preördered it on it's out may 16th so i selected next day delivery so i'd get it on may 17th, but they sent it out actually next day so i got it on may 9th! support your local bookshop.

using the todo list application is actually helping me. i fixed the light under the cooker hood finally. and lots of other stuff. i have an apple shortcut that adds a todo item to import stuff i've written on paper into the todo system when i arrive home from being outside. and it's been good fun learning an application together. things can be cloying and true at once.

went to see the new garfield movie with zoozoo today. the movie was not very good but it was fun to sit in the cinema with z. we should go to the cinema to see a good movie some time. i enjoyed when jon was adding parmesan and said "say when" and garfield the cat said "never".

life is good.

i'm so dehydrated i wish there was something that could be done about it.

nothing much more to report.

hope you have a nice week. e-mail me.