British Summer Time GMT+1

week 20 of 2024 😋

it's 12 degrees and clear and 1:37a.m.

  • busy
  • tense
  • boxes
  • driver sang a song
    • unrelated we were laughing in the back seat about a line in house on mango street when she said they look they they smell like brooms
    • think the drive thought we were laughing at him because after he said "i did it on purpose to make you laugh" and i felt bad but couldn't explain
  • schengen visa
    • going to spain
  • meal deal princess
  • climbed in a bin
  • packing, working, grumping about

moving is very sleepyfying

i'm tired as can be

but im trying to build something, so don't wanna sleep yet. it isn't the shape it needs to be yet. it needs to be where i can see t and know it's real and what to do next and then i can sleep.

next month spain, next month zoo nights. una casita amarilla en el bosque cerca (well, cerca-ish) de Barcelona. tenemos nuestras boletos and woo woo chorizo and yum yum

pizza express was tasty.
big turkish dinner was tasty.
i don't know if i made anything tasty.

congrats kjc

eat some lamb mousakka this week.