British Summer Time GMT+1

week 37; 2022



i took some time off last week to drink and make music. some of it is good so far, but i'm still trying to figure out how to achieve this particular sound i've been trying to figure out since i was like 17. it's so hard. i don't know exactly how to make it sound like it might fall apart but that it's like that on purpose, not by mistake. it's a style i spent many years cultivating with acoustic instruments but i've only very rarely been able to make it work in combination with electronic sounds. i guess the percussion is part of where it goes wrong. i guess as well that maybe i need to try doing it without sequencing anything at all actually, and playing everything live in layers and stitching it together later. it's very hard to make a shambles. does anyone know where i could get just a little more talent? i don't need much! just a little bit!

i met some random person who was walking around london on acid and i hung around with him while he wandered the city for a while. we parted ways at some point, not sure when.

i went to see stewart lee at the greenwich comedy festival. it was great. afterwards i had a nap in the street. it's strange how the let those people queueing for the queen sleep on spare trains. turns out letting people with nowhere to stay sleep in spare trains overnight was always an option?

apart from making music and drinking tequila and beer i've been tidying my apartment a lot over and over and over, rearranging some furniture, and watching silly movies from the 90s.

for a while yesterday i had no anxiety at all and i tell you what it was wonderful. i was like another person, i felt like i was on acid the whole time, it was a beautiful experience.

i found a real cute landscape painting in the street, a painting of of llamas on a farm in ecuador, and it's in my house now on my mantel. it's lovely. there was a lamp there too. i need a lot more lighting and also i need some foam. i'm thinking of trying to pick up a little divider so i can partition off my desk area to make it feel like another room.

anyway. let's make a grilled cheese and drink 12 stellas.