Greenwich Mean Time GMT

4th week '23

work has been very busy, very good. having a good time.

on thursday evening i went out for dinner at ganapati with becky. that's one of the top people the world has made. she's vegetarian and i'm doing this low-carb-so-i-don't-die-so-soon thing, so a place that has a killer veggie thali seemed like a good option. thali wasn't on the menu, for some reason, maybe they stopped doing that. we got three main meals instead. afterwards we went to a bar and drank 2 pots of tea. i was up until 3am. guess it was strong tea. the scotsman behind the bar seemed furious to be selling us tea.

because work has been so much i've been trying to take it quiet in my spare time. also, of course, i'm not drinking. and i spent too much money last month... and this month, so all that adds up to staying home, playing video games, making tasty meals. i haven't been making any music or doing much creative, but i'll get back on that soon enough.

one of the things i spent too much money on is a steam deck. it's very cool? repairable, runs arch linux and kde plasma, a great computer and game machine. im writing this blog post on it

add me on steam, my tag is cheedear i think.