British Summer Time

Week the 41st 2023

hello everyone!!!

i hope it's good.

let's see... let's see... let's seee...... i went into the office on tuesday... i'm 10kg lighter now than i was on 9/11 (the most recent 9/11 just before 12/9 this year)... didn't go outside apart from that... had to skip pixie's birthday getaway because i am not able to control my sleep, food and money if i don't come home every night... also skipped gabi's early hallowe'en because i hurt my foot and i'm a loser.......... what else what else what else........

safari has its own valid css value for the appearance rule: -apple-pay-button: but every dom element is the apple pay icon, which is the apple icon
followed by the word "Pay"

i'm working on a cool thing, it's this:

a screenshot of my sampler sequencer

it's a little musical instrument for the telephone. it's a sampler + sequencer, and it's really good!


  • it keeps perfect time!
  • 4 separate single-voice channels, each with their own waveform
  • record new audio from your microphone
  • per-step sample trimming
  • set the bpm
  • per-channel bpm divider (¼×, ½×, 1×, 2×, 4× the main bpm)

it's fun! it works on phones!

i have always been thrilled with the idea of making little music programs for cheap, readily available hardware ever since i made prettychips for the nintendo ds when i was a teenager. especially focused at people who don't have any other way to make music. i don't know why it took so long for me to realize the obvious fact that the cheapest most readily available hardware is the one you already own.

look forward to/be wary of a future longer post about how it works (it's very fancy futuristic computer stuff, v cool v cool). but that will have to wait until after v1. so after this todo list:

  • per-step pitch control (¹²√₂)
  • per-step AR envelope
  • per-step volume control
  • per-step reverse
  • select multiple steps at once for combined operation
  • drag and drop one step to another
  • per-channel base sample speed (fine tune between 50% + 200%)
  • upload sample from disk
  • load sample from URL
  • drag and drop sample onto page
  • saving
  • sharing
  • desktop keybindings for quick ops
  • sync
  • swing

plus some other optimizations on the computer side of it.

umm yeah this post is really computery, sorry. i havent really done any non-computery things this week other than drink water and eat tofu.

sorry thanks