British Summer Time GMT+1

Week 40 of Year 2023

Quiet week. Since the masa harina incident I've learned some important lessons:

  1. all black dots are flies

  2. all white lumps are maggots

I tried to kill several pin holes in my kitchen wall this week. Other than that I've been making music, doing weird stuff with Nintendos, dancing, cooking the same omelette over + over[1] and continuing the endless job of tidying my apartment after a long spell of mental incapacity.

My murphy bed, whose legs are broken, is being held in place at night by Common Lisp: 2nd Edition, The Flavour Thesaurus, Duquette's Thoth Tarot and a Lulu print-on-demand copy of On Lisp. This is a major improvement on cans of nixtamalized corn and coconut milk which lose their structural integrity over time until you are awoken in the night by a sudden screech, thump and squelch to find yourself sliding off of the bed and onto the floor and into what appears to be ectoplasm.

cherries and the untitled supernatural e.p. are starting to form shape. They each have 1 finished track so far. Thinking about lithium, thinking about smoked almonds, thinking about World War 3. Thinking about the Mexican government kidnapping communists and throwing them out of a plane into the ocean to die.

It's been a year now since yellow sofas were invented.

~ chee

  1. 3 eggs, spinach and boursin. Served sprinkled with sesame seeds. ↩︎