British Summer Time GMT+1

week 42


i'm up late finish a bit of work on bento.

bento is the new name for the sampler and sequencer i mentioned last week.

it lives here now:

it has all sorts of exciting new features!

  • recording with the microphone now shows a helpful informative screen!
    • it has an svg tape animation i drew myself in inkscape! i sat with a cassette and a sanyo tape recorder and drew out the best representation i could and then animated it with css!!
  • you can select a region to play back per-step!
  • it shows your step's selected region right there in the square!!!
  • you can drag and drop a square onto another one to copy it!
  • you can drag and drop an audio file onto the screen (waveform screen) to load it! this even works on the iphone! you can drag a file from the Files app into the screen on!
  • if you you're in safari on your phone you can click the share icon and then Add To Homescreen and it will appear as a standalone app and it looks lovely
  • if you're on latest macos in Safari you can do File>Add to Dock... to add it to your dock and it looks even LOVELIER

most of this week i just worked on that! so far it's quite popular! everybody loves bento! it's the coolest thing i've ever done! it's really fun!!!!!!omg

there's also a beta up at which implements local saving (you click the 3 dots and select "save my bento for later" then when you refresh it'll load it back up). i have a branch where i'm adding a screen for selecting pan+volume per-step. you can also reverse samples per-step but i haven't added UI for that yet, so it's kind of a easter egg

didn't do anything else. took 2 days off work to work on it. have to go to bed now because andrew w.k. will start singing at 5am whether i'm asleep or not.

everything in the world is awful and sad and infuriating and devastating except for kind people and bento.

don't go crazy, i need you later