British Summer Time GMT+1

week 22 of 2024

hello there. it's 4am! i'm awake thinking about local-first software and the origin private file system and effect and notebook application.

i am hungry and i will eat eggs. going to pick the hedgehog up from the airport in a few hours.

there’s a really angry guy in the shop. angry because a homeless person asked him for money. you’ve got four legs haven’t you mate, he keeps on shouting at the guy, you’ve got four legs. with a tone like "same as me, i earn my money". as if anyone with four, the normal amount of legs, shouldn’t need spare change. the other guy keeps shooting back "shank me then!" "two legs!" "come outside and shank me!" i got the fella a pack of amber leaf and reassured him that he does not in actual fact have four legs.

-- update: i fell asleep and didn't meet the hedgehog at the airport and i feel terrible about it. what the hell. i should be shot.

the week i spent in pain because i had a 2020-style hormone delivery interruption and it was a hard week. but hedgehog is home now and it will be like the grey and white cat and then there will be spinach and ham with beans and eggs.

the week i've worked as much as i could handle and i've spent my free time reading about various technologies, and a couple of fiction books and now i'm reading havana blue by leonardo padura.

i have to go now to the train station with a can of monster because they don't have that in the UAE and then i will come home and it will be like the grey and white cat and then i'll do the next part