British Summer Time GMT+1

Week 13, '23

hey babe


i just made a lasagne in my pink daisies vintage pyrex, it's so cute. it's delicious. it's so cute. it looks so cute in its little pink outfit.

i drank several bottles of tequila and text several unexpected characters from my former lives. several exes. currently deep in some chats with some people i honestly never thought i'd speak to again. i've learned that a lot of the things that are interesting about me are symptoms of borderline personality disorder. the week was good. it was fine. i've still been having a hard time actually getting out of the house. part of it is because i remain having very bad skin. at the moment i'm going through a whole thing where my body hair is darker than normal, and my facial skin is thinner and paler than normal. this combines in an unexpected way where i find some dark hair above my lip, try to remove it, and the removal process cuts and bleed and then leaves a moustache made of blood. that's been going on for weeks now. today i tried to even-up my eyebrows and ended up maknig them less symmetrical. I used the wrong tools. i really need a haircut.

i got a couple of new dresses. they are adorable. i look so cute. it would be so fun if i could go outside and look cute outside. a picnic. maybe a picnic would be good.

um… so what do you want to know? i want my money back.

i'm actually very normal and happy.

thanks. love u. bye