British Summer Time GMT+1

August 22, 2021

  • sleepy
  • sleepy
  • finally watched Derry Girls. watched the whole thing in one day. then watched it all again.
  • it's much easier to look after someone else than to look after me. making sure somebody else gets good sleep and has tasty healthy meals to eat means reaping the side benefits of healthy meals a sleep schedule. now i don't have that, i'm up til 3am watching x-files and eating deliveroo
  • x-files is actually far too spooky for me, and leaves me in a spooked out place where i have to use the second lock on the front door. normally i only use that before i shower
  • when i'm alone and sad i watch a lot of tv lol
  • the new MST3k is great
  • i still haven't bought shoes, it's been 3 weeks now lol
  • i've just been packing packing packing and crying and crying
    • starting to consider having someone take all the boxes to the dump instead
  • still have no idea what my life looks like 1 month from now
  • going to go and try to buy shoes today
  • sorry, i'll be back to happy posting by the end of the year i promise