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week 51 2023

feliz nochebuena, sweethearts and treasures. hows u wee chick?

i'm gay

last week ended with:

Week 51 better start looking like joy, success and vitality pretty fucking soon.

me, last week

+ it did, actually.

here's the e.p. i mentioned last week: it'll be on Spotify & Apple Music tomorrow, Christmas Day. un regalito de navidad para all of my two fans.

Sunday evening is spent at the cinema watching the Disney movie Wish with Lucky. rly fun. I love the songs. I love how everyone is indoctrinated and takes a while to understand that what evil is evil because they grew up with it + so it's normal. I love when the chubby little star gives everyone an orgasm which makes them realize a better world is possible.

Awake far past my bedtime for a Zoom holiday party call with the cute discord which starts at 8EST.

Monday. Dinner with Becky Avery is good. She is extremely hungover and on a comedown that started 36 hours ago—and was punctuated by a 9 hour Christmas cabaret and this dinner. We eat plenty. That morning i'd learned that i'm now a size too small for my denim dress (which is what I'm wearing). i only bought it in july!

I decide i’ll let myself eat anything i want. not as a treat—this dress is from joanie clothing, it cost like £100… i can’t afford a whole new wardrobe! i’m dieting for health not financial ruin!

We're at this cute veggie place in soho. i get two small plates and a large plate and a side and a mint tea. becky gets two small plates and a side and a flat white. the table is extremely small. becky avery spends a good five minutes arranging her plates. she’s a natural at prop comedy.

It’s very funny when becky avery is tired + furious, her light shines through anyway and she can say anything she likes and still be so funny and charming. a lorelai gilmore type. smarter than me, funnier than me, longer than me, sparkly-eyeder than me, brunetter than me.

After dinner I head to Selfridges, Oxford Street where I meet a young lady buying lipstick. We walk around for a while in circles looking for blenders, laughing at Objects, turning nothing up. We hit the Disney shop, smoke a cigarette, get the tube. I love that part of London in the winter. Oxford Street and Carnaby and Regents and Piccadilly Circus. it’s all so bright and beautiful and London off the telly. i forget i live in London, real London.

In the morning at Lewisham station i learn i’ve misplaced my house keys last night. i call the estate agent + arrange to grab their spare set. i’m a 25 min walk from the agent’s. The Slade Green is pulling in, that’ll get me there in 5 mins. I hop on. The doors close. “This is the Dartford”. Wrong train. I get off at the next stop. Hither Green, a 30 min walk from the agent’s. i leave by the wrong exit. I walk for 5 mins in the wrong direction. I'm still dizzy from the night before.

There's something so lonely about people in the world now. We've all been trained to preëmpt anything anyone might reply to us on social media. We harden ourselves against all possible attacks before we speak. We become the only version of ourselves that could withstand our worst nightmare happening, and in a way we make it come to pass. It seems so lonely. The only antidote is honesty. Honesty and learning to be OK with being wrong in public, as long as long as you were telling the truth.

Wednesday night is spent at the cinema watching the John Hughes movie Home Alone 2: Lost in New York starring Donald Trump with Lucky. It's really fun. We leave early.

Office in the morning. Sea Horse after. WFH on Friday. Have a cute time, then a hard time, then a cute time again. Briefly stop by Pete & Baz at Fox & Firkin in the evening to see sweet Val. We love her, don't we folks?

The morning is maybe the hardest part of the week, but it is fixed by eggs and understanding. And mayonnaise. It's hard to learn a person. Harder when that person's learning you. Hard to let a person learn you. Did a good job of tidying up. Hit Sainsbury's for ingredients. Made perhaps the best curry i've made in my life + played it off all chill like I do this all the time. Tell your friend I have a crush on her. It's hard to sleep, but that's okay because it's easy to stay awake. The Christmas Eve of Christmas Eve.

Sunday I'll write this blog post, try to make a perfect piece of music, eat an entire basket of organic cheddar, tidy up the kitchen, maybe help with the Christmas dinner shopping... rest up for the Big Day.

merry crincemince to all those who observe. apostates, infidels, heathens & heretics: enjoy the long weekend, treasure.

ok wee chick cya