by chee rabbits

British Summer Time

Week 22, '23

what is there to say about this week? hmm… ¿qué pasó?

¿Qué fue lo que pasó?

i got a new telephone from i filed an insurance claim. here was the whole claim:

I lost my phone while walking through London.

and then i paid £109 and they sent me a brand new apple telephone. getting drunk enough to lose my phone that was completely smashed to pieces with only half a working screen worked out well.

other events of the week included taking two mental health days off work because i felt like my mind was going to snap in two. though i did attend a couple of meetings on each of those days.

i quadrupled down on learning spanish, i'm tentatively planning a trip back to méxico. i got a little book of mayan and aztec tales that's printed like this:

|         |         |
| english | español |
|         |         |

lb tells me that's called "parallel text". it's really nice to be able to read as much as you can in Spanish and then glance over and see the one word you don't know. i looked for other parallel text books and i saw one for children with two rabbits on the cover. they looked like they were kissing. the book was called "te amo". i cried my little eyes out. i turned off my computer and went outside and sat on a bench with a bottle of red wine on my knees, though i didn't drink any of it. i didn't even open it. i sat in the sun on my little bench by the church and a nice lady sat beside me and talked to me about the sun and the bench.

i've organized to meet with a tutor on tuesday. on-line. though they are in london. they actually used to live just round the corner from me until last month! ¡qué coincidencia!

on friday night i had a dream that sofia had text me out of the blue to help her pick between two pairs of shoes. it was nice until i woke up. on saturday i lay on the sofa thinking about how nice it would be to go outside, or even into la cocina, but never really was able to move until i decided i'll get dressed and go and buy a bottle of dry pink wine. once i was dressed, the wine shop was already closed and i was cute for no reason. at least i made some music. on saturday night i had a dream that sofia had text me out of the blue to tell me she thought it wasn't too late and we should talk. we had a nice chat and then i woke up. last night i did not sleep, which is great porque if you don't sleep then you can't wake up. i remember abigail once telling me she hates dreams because if they are bad then they're bad, but if they're good then you wake up and they're over and they weren't real. haha. jajaja. today i will put that outfit back on and go to the wine shop and buy a dry pink wine, then i will go to a bench or a park and make some music.

i made a new keyboard layout that makes it easier to write in spanish.

if i type ' and then a o e o i o o o u then it will give me a á etc if i type ~ and then ! or ? i get the ¡¿ ~ and then n give me ñ and " and then u gives me ü but pressing them before anything else it just types them normally i will almost certainly typeof == ündefined" at some point but other than that it's lovely

el diá de los pingüinitos nos hace a ambos muy tristes.

i like the number 22. i hope you had a happy week 22 everyone. i wish you a happy week 23.