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week 14 of 2024

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i'm just about to get on the DLR, but then i'll write about my week. spinning smile

i spent most of the week's spare time porting my blog from wordpress to eleventy. there's a lot left to do, still contents under construction. but it works really well and i have a lot of fun new features that make it easier to post individual posts that are completely independent pieces of computer art. so that's exciting. it's easier to exclude stuff from the home page and/or the main rss feed now too, so i can reduce the amount of noise for rss feed users while still providing all the extra info needed for a microsub/micropub user.

if you were signed up by e-mail i'm afraid this means you won't be receiving updates for a while unless i e-mail you personally.


bee i zoomed off in the middle of the night on monday and creeped into zoozer's room to say hello, and then we spent the week together at her place. it

we're on the move at the moment. just hopped off the DLR in lewisham and now we're in the LEBANESE EXPRESS 1. a friendly place, great food, open at midnight on a sunday. mrgreen

on thursday got something working at work which i didn't expect to get to work on thursday.

on friday i though of an old friend of mine. country boy. very funny. great drinker. ended up in a ditch at big al's festival. drew sileage, loved tractors, "are ye bai?". an all round good lad. we spent a lot of time together for 8 months 14 years ago. i looked him up. to see if he has an on-line presence. a lot of my favourite people from back then, back there, they don't. not at all. not even mentioned when you go on google. i thought, i'll look him up and maybe i'll send him a little message and get in touch if he's on the web. see what his life is like now. turns out he's dead. washed up on the shore of a lough two years ago. it's strange mourning someone two years after their death. he's two years in the ground but he's just now dead for me. anyway, rest in peace m.m. you absolute mental case. i miss you and wish that you were not dead.

delicious yum yum that was a good meal. we love LEBANESE EXPRESS 1. <3

you'll enjoy reading this really excellent article by Zea about gaza and family and being born away from home

we're in bed now, writing our weekly entries, ready to sleep. i kinda want to stay up all night and write an api but i won't, laughpause

i opened a bottle of wine with a shoe on saturday. i've always wanted to do that ever since i heard about it but never did. it reminds me of that time me and marty smashed the top of a wine bottle off with the garden wall in a street in belfast and drank wine with shards of glass all night. that same night i'd spent our bottle of bombay sapphire gin, smashed it into pieces in the street before we had even a sip. not on purpose. i was on the telephone with gloria melafuji and she called me her little mango and it slipped out of my hand like on television.

if you know the tonic you can listen for the third.

sorry, thanks!

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