British Summer Time GMT+1


Whoops, completely forgot it was a Sunday.

I've got memories and I can't wash them off, all over me, smell them on my skin.

Had a strange pair of interactions on Thursday when I was on my trip to the Quick Shopping to return my faulty TP-7 to the Swedes. Dude walks up to me at the pelican crossing, meal-deal-sized bottle of wine in his hand, nearly empty. Says hello. He's early thirties, scruffy looking. Oversized green parka, grey pants.

"Hello," he says, "smoking a cigarette?"

My earbuds are in, can't hear him properly, just "*muffle muffle* cigarette?" think maybe he wants one, I pause the sound. "Pardon?"

"Smoking a cigarette?"


"First one?"

"Like... ever?"

He laughs. "Nah, this morning."

"Oh yeah! yes."

Now, with some bravado in his stance and in the tone of his voice he declares: "Not me. I'm on my third."

A woman scurries up with a dog in tow.

She says “I hope he wasn’t rude to you, was he?”

I hesitate, "um... no. Not rude. Not sure... what he was me"

She looks me up and down, "I like it when people are ... ... individuals."

She pauses for a while before adding "I hate people like that." She gestures towards the fellow who's now a fair clip down the footpath on the other side. The light turns green. I tell her "he was quite friendly I think" and I wave at the little dog. Suddenly raising her voice as we cross together she says "I mean...! Look at me! I'm wearing red trousers and green earrings."

I smile, I look at her, her earrings are ultramarine blue.

There's nothing else really to report. I haven't left the house otherwise. Haven't been in the kitchen since the maggots-in-the-masa-harina incident. Spent most of the week installing and reinstalling Linux and Windows on my PC.

Anyone know of any synchronous MUD software? Like for running synchronous text-based group adventures. Perhaps with persistent characters and history? I guess any MUD software could be used for the purpose.