British Summer Time

week 42; 2022


  • doing lots of research for next album, it is almost all i'm doing
    • long_distance_telephone_(computer_music)
    • stay tuned
  • had some real anxiety days
  • been reading about midi guitars
  • went into the office and saw some people, got given a 16-inch laptop my work, it's really big. it's 2.1kg
  • broke up with my girlfriend
  • i don't normally talk about work except for when i occasionally post "little think about bigglywinks" but i'm pretty excited about it right now. i don't have any more to say about that.
  • the first computer music might well have been made by alan turing on a computer called the manchester baby, or "the baby machine". he played some pitches and rhythms. it was improved by chris strachey later who made it sing god save the king to the bbc.
    • in school he "showed signs of brilliance" but "performed poorly". he went to college and "neglected his studies" switched subjects a few times and then had a nervous breakdown after realizing he was gay
  • see you later chicken