Greenwich Mean Time GMT

the second week of 2023

can you believe it's only been 2 weeks now? feels like it's been 2023 forever! maybe i've just been busy!

good week. went to the office, saw people, it was nice. ate a burrito bowl. barbacoa. great. it was really good to sit at the 3a kitchen area we built and chat with people. it's such a good spot.

started team. it went well. tiring so far. lots of work. pretty excited. everybody seems happy. wee buns.

spent the weekend mostly playing cyberpunk 2077 and watching bocchi the rock. went out for some walks, cooked some nice meals, made some goulash... but the week was so full and busy i needed a quite empty weekend. though i've been talking with folks from an internet art collective about helping out so i've still been doing stuff that's like what i do at work.

i really enjoy thinking deeply about stuff. i've missed it. don't feel like i've done that for a few years.

oh also i still have not had an alcoholic drink avatar 2 was released. they aren't related but they happened on the same day so that's how i've been remembering it. so that's a month tomorrow. went to the bar on thursday evening and drank ice water and chatted.

soon it will be time to take a little break from work, because i am exhausted. but first we must complete The Task, and begin The Next. then i will rest.

i'm sure there is more but i haven't been taking journaling notes.