British Summer Time GMT+1

Week 16, '23


This was around the time the high blood sugar started to become a problem


Shortly after that update things got worse, all my muscles tightened up and I could barely move! But it turned out my blood sugar wasn't even very high. It seems I was afflicted with food poisoning or some kind of terrible virus. I have never pooped so much in my life. I went through 4 rolls of toilet paper. Nearly one a day. Have you ever pooped until your ears started ringing? I have! This was a disgusting, exhausting week. Couldn't hold any food down, drank a hundred thousand litres of water.


Figure 1: my new hobby is replacing Graham Coxon with Henry Kissinger in old band photos of Blur

I feel great today, though. Really good. Full of water and life and Springtime energy. On Saturday morning at 6am i was preheating my oven to cook some early morning buffalo wings. After about 20 minutes I started to notice a strange smell. When I opened the oven to check, a big plume of hot plastic-y smoke came billowing out of it. My whole kitchen was filled with a terrible poisonous fog and I was choking. If I opened the oven slightly another huge fog came flying out. It made me feel very alone. I thought about how girls in TV shows would call their mother or their best friend for adive and they'd freak out together over the telephone. I don't have anyone to call when I have an emergency, or need to talk about something. This isn't a self-pity party, I'm okay with it. It's sad, but I'm okay with it. I chose this life. I had other options, I liked them less. It turned out to be your basic grease fire, and I did a deep clean of the oven. I started with some homemade cleaning concoctions but they only succeeded in turning black tar into brown tar, so i think i was just agitating air into the tar rather than cleaning it. I got some kind of Chemical that came with gloves and a bag and a lot of warnings. It came with an instruction leaflet whose first instruction was "read the instruction leaflet".


That Severe Alert on the telephone was unpleasant, wasn't it? Very large noise. Very unpleasant. I still feel shaken. I very nearly cried. My hormones are all over the place atm and I have been crying quite easily. I love being in the easy-to-tears state. I love being in that place where i could be looking at a statue and imagine that it is proud and start crying. Feels great.

I'm glad the Spring has finally come. Winter was hard.