Greenwich Mean Time GMT


i have no memory of it.

did not really go outside! ate a lot of fishies, indoor fishies. didn't really see anyone. seeing becky on tuesday though, that's exciting.

i've been mostly working. and making music with the Synthstrom Deluge. and writing code for making kits on the Synthstrom Deluge. and reading the source code of the Synthstrom Deluge. and reading the manual of the Synthstrom Deluge. and also reading the aiff and .wav specs and looking at bytes in hex editors and reading and writing binary files in the browser which was fun.

i've made this pretty little website for making kits for it.

my apartment is so tidy now thanks to zoozoo. we spent two days tidying it and drinking pepsi and monsters.

i got a very sweet birthday card.

yes it's been a light week. but a bright week. the cherry blossom in view from my daytime window is in bloom again, spring is here with all its promise of merriment and cheer. i love merriment.

good night. sleep tight. bite the bed bugs back