Greenwich Mean Time

week 47 2023

hello, treasure.

i wrote + recorded + released a new quiet party e.p. this week. it's 3 tracks. w/ singing! it's rly good. it'll be on spotify etc over the next couple days but it's already on bandcamp. it's called 「ANTICIPATION」.

quiet party anicipation album cover. photo of chee

it's really good, i hope you enjoy it. btw did you know that you can use quiet party music in your instagram stories + reels and on tiktok? wow!

that's really all this week has been about. on tuesday i went to the office so i could go out for an ice cold glass of pepsi max with a colleague who i find to be very sweet. we were very funny.

tuesday morning i wrote and recorded "track 2: + explode". tuesday evening i wrote "track 3: close to u" on my walk home. wednesday morning i woke up and recorded "track 1: anticipation" and then that evening i recorded "close to u". they were all made entirely on the op-1, though "close to u" was mixed a lil afterwards on computer.

op-1, tp-7, sunglasses and a sakura grape lost mary

all u need to make a hit

ummmmmmmmmmmm is there anything else? the short ceasefire is holding... zeezy is back from cairo....... kara is remixing "close to u"...... if anyone else would like to make a remix of any of the tracks lmk i will send all the stems + then it can go on the forthcoming remixes release of 「ANTICIPATION」 + we can share the 1 penny we get from spotify across 4 years:)

saturday i suffered some post-release depression and did not leave bed but i did eat an entire burrata. i guess i had all my nice emotions turned up to 11 for a few days trying to capture them like a camera captures light + then they all left my body at once. emotional overdraft like mdma. i've written a few more songs now. might get something else out before the end of the year, texas school book depository is coming to a close. ummmmmmmmmm

idk! i'm moving teams at work in the new year. my new boss is v excited. im excited too.

still getting up at 5am, still vegetarian, still keto. nothing more to report. i've made some coffee and it smells good. not as good as if it was made in lb's orange moccamaster, but fine.

okay, i hope you are doing well and keeping safe. take this it's dangerous to go alone.