by chee rabbits

Greenwich Mean Time

week 49 of 2023


look at the week, forty-nine. very nearly the end. i got sick this week, punishment for going into the office last week. it wasn't a particular tough sickness but because i've been being healthy it felt so unfair. normally when i get sick i'm like "yeah, that tracks" because my body is a satanic temple but this time it felt like there was no god. i spent the first few days of it accidentally working with the sick emoji status and texting people to ask them to pity me more. i made a tasty spicy spicy paneer tomato cream curry which partially fixed me, but the main pharmaceutical was pity. i can't believe how little pity i received as i lay there DYING of an extremely mild flu that i was mostly able to work through and ignore. heartless bastards, every last all of you.

i've been making a bit of music with various swedish rectangles. been practising chord changes and scales on the keyboard like i did when i was a teenager to try and get more cozy with the keys so i can talk through it more like i can with a guitar. after the great success of「ANTICIPATION」 i am gazing doe-eyed into the imagined future where i lock myself away in some faraway hotel room with just the op-1 and perform the transmutation stella signata, lucifer, boiling milk + chrysopoeia.

on saturday i met a friend for her birthday. remembering christabel's rule that "if you're the birthday girl + someone doesn't bring you a gift, that means they ARE the gift," i brought nothing at all. it was a lovely time, we walked around in the freezing cold from lewisham to the heath and talked and talked and i drank a shot of tequila at the railway pub which was very loud and busy and christmas. on saturday evening i took a train to london bridge and met a couple of colleagues at the market porter where i drank 3 more shots of tequila. one of the colleagues invited us to hang out at their place and so we went back and we watched the movie wall street and i drank 3 or 4 sips of white wine and ate 5 nuts and two cheeses.

i'm experimenting now to see if it is possible to introduce some alcohol sometimes on special occasions without completely losing track of my otherwise strict health regiment. my limit is 4 shots of tequila OR 4 corona hard seltzers. if i find it making me lax i'll have to cut it all the way out again, we'll see.

Sunday i spent a warm and cozy morning resting. in the afternoon i went to greenwich market with a dear friend. we did a little shopping + had a fabulous turkish lunch. when the sun fell we crossed underground through a hole in the thames, and we walked a while along the river and we talked and talked before we parted ways and headed home.

i got a map of the world to stick on my wall. the listing said "huge" but i didn't really consider that over 2 metres means it's much longer than me.

It's basically actual size.

extremely long

i just finished hanging it in the kitchen where it imposes itself upon me

now i can point at countries where war is about to break out while making eggs

and learn that these are all actually different countries???

merry crincemince it's me caroline the christmas crow deer good tidings and happy hannakuh to my deerly behovèd friends and lovers

big week ahead:. dia de la virgen de guadalupe tuesday. acadian rememberance day on weds. die hard on thurs. and then the last day of chanukah.

every day i seem to become more annoying, yet i enjoy myself also more.

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