Greenwich Mean Time GMT

week 50; 2022

well, it's nearly over! the year, i mean!

everything's going pretty good. the week was normal. messed up on Thursday night by staying out too late, Friday and Saturday both absolute write-offs. found out there's a part of London where if you go there at 5am a security guard will come and tell you to watch out for "robbers and somalians". saw Avatar 2 on Friday morning. it was great. i fell asleep a few times but every time i woke up there was something exceptionally beautiful happening on screen. i didn't sleep the night before so my falling asleep is not a comment on the movie.

i'm studying the first paragraph of my last weekly to see if it's possible to get myself back on the straight and narrow by following my own advice. Next week's post will tell us if it was. I said some things when i was out on Thursday... i don't remember what they were but i remember regretting them immediately. hopefully that will just pass by without me having to do anything about it but i should probably pay attention to this fact and make some effort to stop that from happening in the future. I'll have to find some fiction to read tonight and come up with some recipes for the week.

percussion is very different when you play it vs program it. this weekend i spent my time researching electronic drum kits and how they work. my father has agreed to mail me my old drum kit from when i was 6 years old, which i'm going to set up in the corner of my flat and reversibly convert into an electronic kit. the kit was owned by John Wilson, the drummer from Taste. he sold it to my parents at low price on the condition that if we ever got rid of it we'd only ever sell it back to him.

my hand is bleeding for some reason. i seem to have wounds on my body that aren't quickly healing. anyway. I did not finish the work i intended to finish last week because my days were spent in meetings. the meetings are important, and they are on a time limit too. there's just not enough time in a day, or a month, or a life.