by chee rabbits

Greenwich Mean Time

Week 06, ’23

Week 06, '23

A busy week. Went to the office several times. Think I'll stop eating meat. Well, I'm still planning to eat fish and shellfish. I'll stop eating birds and mammals. And bugs. I'll stop eating lizards. I'll continue to eat 8 spiders a year.

We ran a tech writing workshop. It went fine. I taught. It was fun. It's hard to run a workshop for the first time. It's hard to run a hybrid workshop. I wish there was a strategy other than making the experience of one set of attendees worse. Until I've seen, or thought of, some new way of doing things I'd only like to run workshops fully remote or fully in-office. Maybe we should get some of those little iPads that drive around. The teleprescence robot things.


Figure 1: a human being attending a meeting

My new team is my favourite thing. I love working with these people. We're doing some really good stuff. I'm hopeful for the future.

On Friday I took the train with Pixie to see Duckie in a Sleeping Beauty panto in Windlesham. It was a lovely time. Duckie is so captivating. She, much like Spindleshanks, has star quality. Her voice cuts right through you and shivers your bones like the cold winter wind. (In a good way.) I was so overwhelmed that I cried. (In a good way.) By the time the panto was over there were no more buses. We walked for an hour through the open fields and public golf courses to the train.

Two birthday parties I'd agreed to attend fell on the same day. Saturday night. I realized this on Saturday afternoon. I responded by cooking an omelette and attending neither. The week was exhausting, I was not up to much. I stayed home and played video games and wrote some emacs lisp. I'm writing this blog post in a .org file right now like a freak.


Figure 2: lol