British Summer Time
it gets late so early in london when i first moved here, i hated that it gets late so early in london. i'd be out, wild, flapping around on the floor, throw my phone out of my pocket and down beside me, scrape it closer to me with my little penny-pin eyes peering to see the time feels like 5, like 4:00 like 3:41a.m. but i'd tap tap and it's 21:09. now i love it, though. you can have an entire NIGHT, and then another little mini extra night, and then you can get home at 1am and get up for work. but i still don't _understand_ it. like, how does it work? it isn't that far from places that aren't like this. in Belfast nights starts at 10pm. they don't end. in Liverpool nights start late morning and last until late morning too. Dublin nights start at 6 and finish at 2. But in London nights start at 8pm, go on for nine hours and then stop at eleven.