by chee rabbits

Greenwich Mean Time


last week? the last week. this week? lizard.

i miss living so little that i wrote so much, or visa versa. i miss you, pretty girl.

i'm proud of him for doing that, i'm proud. it hurts. it's hard when the last person you'd want to is the only person who does.

it feels wild, every time. i can't believe it, ever. time won't exist then, yellow bodies turned inside out. yellow baby, promises, only in your head.

some things, if you do not write them now,,, those'll never beeeeeeeeeeee wrritttttenll

chicken's next to me now looking so vibrant that i'm forcing myself awake to keep myself awake enough to write enough.

she just started a little jazz. it's good. i think it's, like, arabic jazz. it's pretty and certainly makes it easier to keep typing. parts of my body feel spent by now. we came down on the train (the strrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


damn lol i'm so sleepy. it gets late so early in winter. it gets early morning so late in cornwall. we got the sleeper train down. at 8am in redruth everything was still ice cold shut. in the event of the redruth market with hthe music playing from the radio and then a full english rekfast. still.

we walked all over the peninsular. it's so pretty by the water where everything ends. it's cute. the witche's ball is all full of people who are comfortable at the end of the earth. england. southerly point.

i had a religious experience by the refrigerator, thinking about how it's important to find somewhone who'll see the slices of life with you... or the shapes... or the types of life with your... or the rhymes, or rhythmes... or something. i can't remember anymore. the door cracked, like someone pulling on the handle. we freaked out. i locked it, closed the curtains. i chilled out, she's still a little scared.

met thurston in the witch and ball. met martin who thurston'd researched and learned that his dad met Haile Selassie who bought em two vanilla ice creams. i don't know. there's the bottom of england. this is where the tarot cards were painted and they know it.

anyway. train. between imbolc and equinox can be hard. wompy wheels, wompy wheels, wompy fucking wheels. we are in cornwall, i am a nightmare disaster it's hard being like i am . but maybe things can be good eventually. we took that bus, that train. maybe it can be good. it was very special watching the fields movies together.

the week will be good, lots of new music and dumb ass nonsense waking up on the floor. i'm looking forward to all of it. xxx

accessible bathroom, redruth. lizard peninsula compliment from konnie huq. deluge, facts. 10 shortbreads. spingo, spingo, spingo. facts, no doubt.

it took 3 hours to get to the coöp. and finally i have cereal, i've eaten a whole box with milk in the middle of the night. can i stay drunk that long?