i took some time off last week to drink and make music. some of it is good so far, but i’m still trying to figure out how to achieve this particular sound i’ve been trying to figure out since i was like 17. it’s so hard. i don’t know exactly how to make it sound like it might fall apart but that it’s like that on purpose, not by mistake. it’s a style i spent many years cultivating with acoustic instruments but i’ve only very rarely been able to make it work in combination with electronic sounds. i guess the percussion is part of where it goes wrong. i guess as well that maybe i need to try doing it without sequencing anything at all actually, and playing everything live in layers and stitching it together later. it’s very hard to make a shambles. does anyone know where i could get just a little more talent? i don’t need much! just a little bit!

i met some random person who was walking around london on acid and i hung around with him while he wandered the city for a while. we parted ways at some point, not sure when.

i went to see stewart lee at the greenwich comedy festival. it was great. afterwards i had a nap in the street. it’s strange how the let those people queueing for the queen sleep on spare trains. turns out letting people with nowhere to stay sleep in spare trains overnight was always an option?

apart from making music and drinking tequila and beer i’ve been tidying my apartment a lot over and over and over, rearranging some furniture, and watching silly movies from the 90s.

for a while yesterday i had no anxiety at all and i tell you what it was wonderful. i was like another person, i felt like i was on acid the whole time, it was a beautiful experience.

i found a real cute landscape painting in the street, a painting of of llamas on a farm in ecuador, and it’s in my house now on my mantel. it’s lovely. there was a lamp there too. i need a lot more lighting and also i need some foam. i’m thinking of trying to pick up a little divider so i can partition off my desk area to make it feel like another room.

anyway. let’s make a grilled cheese and drink 12 stellas.

it’s a year today since i moved into this apartment. or, started moving in.

this week i went to get my eyes checked at spec savers. turns out my eyes are the wrong shape, that’s why i’ve always seen those stars when i look at lights. i have a prescription now, but haven’t looked at glasses yet. i wasn’t feeling cute on the day, so couldn’t stand there looking at my face 50 times. great news is they don’t think my eyes have yet succumb to diabetic retinopathy.

i released big waterfall as an e.p., it’s on spotify and apple music and deezer and whatnot. enjoy.

the queen died. crazy frog is in mourning.

i’m very sleepy.

yesterday my postman came to the door to deliver a package, he was listening to music out loud on his phone. The Smiths. i started laughing and said “the queen is dead?” and then we both stood there laughing for a while.

don’t know what else. i’ve just been working and making music, and occasionally watching a movie.

the queen died. the crazy frog is in mourning.

happy 9/11

i can’t believe how short a post this is going to be for how big a week it was, but it’s so late and i can’t do a whole post.

the week i spent mostly working and building a mac notebook app. swift is great fun to write.

the weekend we went to michoacán with her family who i love. we went back to her auntie’s house after we all met for dinner after sofia and i went to janitzio and climbed to the very top of the island. it was beautiful. i will put pics of these trips another time.

i just missed my flight home for the second time this year. this time i was standing at the gate and watched them close it; there were still another twenty minutes before it was scheduled; as a matter of apology a man in a red vest told another staff member to give me a free flight for tomorrow.

i will not be in the office Tuesday as planned. because i will be in México.


late. can’t talk. anyway, i have some notes:

Went out for lunch with Sofia on Monday. We tried a noodle place, but the food looked dry.

We went into another noodle place and sat down, but it smelt funny and looked like a barber shop and the waiter was came on with a real grump so we left and went to a diner and ate delicious club sandwiches and corn soup. She had a slice of cake because she isthe birthday girl. Afterwards I walked home, I’ve done that walk before and this time I took some detours and found a mall and some other stuff.

did some work. now i’m going to pat some patties into existence and smoke a little weed out of a carrot and play tony hawks pro skater

burger king emailed everyone a blank e-mail



made some hamburguesas, had a really weird fucking dream about being on a boat and later aliens. i was on this boat that got stuck in a big river, so i went for a walk with some people around the town. i got separated from them and got lost and found myself in the basement of a tall cylindrical building. i was talking to somebody i knew, but then these angry kids came in and they started chasing me out of the basement and up the cylindrical staircase. there was a fast furious one with hot pans. i threw another one of the kids at the pans and ran up the spiral staircase 1 floor past the door and out the window. outside i met a police wearing a black outfit with a flame painted on it, and i asked him “can anything be done about the 1943 fire here?” and he said “no” and i walked away. but then a few steps later i noticed he was right beside me, and he asked “what do you mean by ‘be done’?” and i noticed for the first time that he had a perfectly round, perfectly smooth, pitch black head. it was shiny, like glass. i was transported out of my body and shown a historical montage of lots of greenish-grey little aliens with flat wrinkly heads and large black eyes arriving to earth in individual spaceships (¿spacecars?). the policeman was narrating explaining that The 1943 Pact had allowed these aliens to come and work on earth. but the pact was secret and no social programs were installed to help the workers they replaced, and so the workers became furious and that’s how The Fire started. a new video came in with an untrustworthy internet personality explaining something about aliens and PFPs (PFPs are your representation here on earth), then they pressed a button labeled “evil version of me” and got really monstrous and started shouting in my mind “Use this against your PFP, use this against your PFP” over and over and over until i woke up.


Wednesday I woke up at 6am to a clogged, waterlogged toilet. I took a gamble and banged on the flusher and it came up and overflowed all over the bathroom. i placed one square of kitchen paper on the pool of poop and watched as it became soaked, and sunk to the bottom, making no discernible difference. I resorted to using one of our beautiful white towels. I couldn’t find a plunger, and initially i tried making a difference with the toilet brush but it did nothing. Then i felt i needed to check if the pipe was clogged and i pushed my bare hand into the toilet and checked, nothing. I scrubbed up and went looking for a plunger. I found the head of a plunger, but no handle, in the laundry area out the back of the kitchen. I pushed two fingers into the head of the plunger and went into the water sideways down to the bottom, placed my new plunger extension over the hole and plunged once, twice release. once, twice, release. once, twice, and now the water starts to drain. i scrubbed up thoroughly, cleaned the bathroom, brought the towel to the washing machine and scrubbed up thoroughly again and then i went to work.

Someone e-mailed me a feature request for my firefox javascript addon. I added the feature and e-mailed them back. Felt very olden days, very cool.

I’ll make a chili tonight, it’ll be good. i guess maybe it’s bolognese. i don’t know. what’s the difference between chili and bolognese? maybe it’s just whether you use carrot or bell pepper.


sofia made tasty fried eggy ???? breakfast. fried eggs in corn tortillas. she brought avocados and ketchup but i had already dealt with the egg by the time that arrived.


normal day


a lot more to write about in my forthcoming post about teotihuacan. obsidian circles. spent too much money. on the way home we took to the hotel el sueño quetzalcóatl, were walking home but spent all night. beautiful there.

(so much to say about all this. lost my pen, man made me a new one with stick and fire. went through a hole that led under the stairs


animal sounds in the middle of the night. dogs saw

woken up there at 5am by this sine tone ringing, so loud, couldn’t make it quiet. composition of ordinary things that together are so large. so much more to say. have charcoal notes. we went back to the pyramids. combis, cash, garden, michelady, elotes,

weekend was huge.


hello darling!!!

ok. i didn’t take notes this week so i’m a little light on info. i spent a lot of the week working on programming projects (work, lima, imessages, partyfingerd, docfiles, etc) and learning languages (zig, go, deno). sofia finished the last essay for her diplomat. she did rly well, i’m proud of her. i’m gonna need to start starting work later, because i keep falling asleep so late and waking up so early. also thinking maybe i should take a couple days holiday to live in the city a little more.

i got a little sick again this week. i get sick a lot ever since getting the diabetes. i think maybe i let my blood sugar get too high and became a breeding ground for all mystery viruses. i ate cherries and drank tea and started to feel better on Saturday, which was lucky for it is Sofia’s birthday weekend.

i made a new theme for my blog which focuses on readability and is inspired by the web design of my friend’s blog in 2002.

we didn’t manage to go to the frida kahlo museum. it’s ticket-only and was sold out :-(

saturday we went to plaza toreo to get cute clothes and boots. we ate at a restaurant called perros & burros, which we were skeptical of but turned out to be delicioso. maybe we will go back and get one of their 4 foot long hot dogs. i drank 2 litres of beer with our delicious fajita lunch and took some very pretty pictures of the birthday girl. we shopped for clothes, i got some nice new shirts and a pair of slip-ons from vans. we bought matching shits the colour of frida kahlo’s house. we got some (a lot) of weed from a nice chap, and went home and drank beer and smoked weed from a pipe the birthday girl fashioned from a carrot and we talked and laughed and watched half of a movie and fell asleep.

Sunday we played some Mario Kart, spend a while trying to work out what the lyrics of the last verse of The Pogues – Fiesta is actually trying to say (using her native spanish and my native ability to understand shane macgowan when he talks), then we went to a big park and walked for a while, then to a place for burritos and margaritas, and then to walmart for groceries, and then home. she has left now to visit her cats.

in mexico you don’t get any vacation time until you’ve worked at a job for 1 year.

what programming languages can be used in embedded devices? c, c++, micropython, circuitpython, tinygo, zig, rust, ulisp… are there others? anyway i’m a sleepy little bitch and need to go now. xx love you, see you in the pyramids.

oh, p.s., i added more features to partyfingerd so you can now use the userpart to ask for a specific post. for example, this post can be read by running finger week-31-2022@chee.party.

2.5.5. Vending machines

Vending machines SHOULD respond to a {C} request with a list of all items currently available for purchase and possible consumption. Vending machines SHOULD respond to a {U}{C} request with a detailed count or list of the particular product or product slot. Vending machines should NEVER NEVER EVER eat money.