hello darling!!!

ok. i didn’t take notes this week so i’m a little light on info. i spent a lot of the week working on programming projects (work, lima, imessages, partyfingerd, docfiles, etc) and learning languages (zig, go, deno). sofia finished the last essay for her diplomat. she did rly well, i’m proud of her. i’m gonna need to start starting work later, because i keep falling asleep so late and waking up so early. also thinking maybe i should take a couple days holiday to live in the city a little more.

i got a little sick again this week. i get sick a lot ever since getting the diabetes. i think maybe i let my blood sugar get too high and became a breeding ground for all mystery viruses. i ate cherries and drank tea and started to feel better on Saturday, which was lucky for it is Sofia’s birthday weekend.

i made a new theme for my blog which focuses on readability and is inspired by the web design of my friend’s blog in 2002.

we didn’t manage to go to the frida kahlo museum. it’s ticket-only and was sold out :-(

saturday we went to plaza toreo to get cute clothes and boots. we ate at a restaurant called perros & burros, which we were skeptical of but turned out to be delicioso. maybe we will go back and get one of their 4 foot long hot dogs. i drank 2 litres of beer with our delicious fajita lunch and took some very pretty pictures of the birthday girl. we shopped for clothes, i got some nice new shirts and a pair of slip-ons from vans. we bought matching shits the colour of frida kahlo’s house. we got some (a lot) of weed from a nice chap, and went home and drank beer and smoked weed from a pipe the birthday girl fashioned from a carrot and we talked and laughed and watched half of a movie and fell asleep.

Sunday we played some Mario Kart, spend a while trying to work out what the lyrics of the last verse of The Pogues – Fiesta is actually trying to say (using her native spanish and my native ability to understand shane macgowan when he talks), then we went to a big park and walked for a while, then to a place for burritos and margaritas, and then to walmart for groceries, and then home. she has left now to visit her cats.

in mexico you don’t get any vacation time until you’ve worked at a job for 1 year.

what programming languages can be used in embedded devices? c, c++, micropython, circuitpython, tinygo, zig, rust, ulisp… are there others? anyway i’m a sleepy little bitch and need to go now. xx love you, see you in the pyramids.

oh, p.s., i added more features to partyfingerd so you can now use the userpart to ask for a specific post. for example, this post can be read by running finger week-31-2022@chee.party.

2.5.5. Vending machines

Vending machines SHOULD respond to a {C} request with a list of all items currently available for purchase and possible consumption. Vending machines SHOULD respond to a {U}{C} request with a detailed count or list of the particular product or product slot. Vending machines should NEVER NEVER EVER eat money.


i gave myself an inverted bob with the kitchen scissors. it looks really cute! you can do anything if you just believe and drink a bottle of mezcal.

“what are you thinking about?” “UNIX”

going out for breakfast with her family for her mother’s birthday today. very anxious about it. i understand little Spanish and speak much less.

chee, 10a.m.

it was a wonderful time. they are lovely people. we went to a museum and looked at stained glass and wandered around the historic centre, an area of mexico city i know and love well. on laurita‘s advice, i employed physical comedy. hiding the salt, pretending to eat a spoon with a knife and fork.

she was finishing some work for her diplomat this week and it meant a lot of staying up until 3-4. being a dog, it is difficult for me to sleep when the other members of the household are awake and doing strange things at the kitchen table so i was awake late most night. i’ve been sleeping just a couple hours a night, because work starts at 5-6. i got some good sleep towards the weekend, though, and the diplomat is basically finished now so we have more free time to do fun things together. on Friday night we lay in bed drinking tequila, and then we got up and went on a long walk. she forgot her big puffy coat on Thursday so i brought it to her at lunch and we ate hamburguesas. it’s been a big week for hamburguesas and tequila.

in other news i’ve been writing a lot of code and publishing it. and reading a lot about the history of UNIX again. sometimes i feel like i’m re-litigating my past. not sure what else to write about right now. i’m more tired now than i’ve been in a very long time, and it feels great.

if you’re looking for some computer stuff to do i’d like to recommend Zig and

good luck, everyone.

oh, nobody cares about this, but i revoked my pgp key and the new public key is available at https://chee.party/public.key and all good keyshops. support your local keyring.

my e-mail is yay@chee.party.

ok, time to finish unpacking the groceries and then hopefully writing a bit of the code i was going to write today. lol i went out for breakfast until like 10p.m.

she just called and informed me that next weekend we (her family, me and her, and the young man her sister is stepping out with) are going to frida kahlo’s house

then the weekend after we are going to the pyramids at Teotihuacan

then the weekend after that we are going to Isla Janitzio en Patzcuaro en Michoacan

the day after that i fly to London.

AT&T created UNIX in the 60s as part of the Bell System, but they were in trouble for being a monopoly and so they couldn’t sell it as a product because it wasn’t a telephone. They had to give licenses to anyone who asked for them. Universities asked for licenses. Bell Labs shipped out tapes. The consent decree was lifted when AT&T was broken up 1983, and it immediately started trying to sell UNIX. Berkley continued to produce their own version, the Berkley System Distribution. It’s still used today as FreeBSD, DragonflyBSD, NetBSD, PC-BSD, OpenBSD and more! Its userland is one of the fundamental parts of macOS.

the essence of communal computing, as supplied by remote-access, time-shared machines, is not just to type programs into a terminal instead of a keypunch, but to encourage close communication

Dennis Ritchie

A bunch of stupid shit happened for 20 years. Every company and university involved[1] sued each other over UNIX, but folks kept shipping patches on tapes. In the ’90s AT&T sold UNIX to Novell for some reason. In 2011 Novell was acquired by The Attachmate Group. In 2014 The Attachmate Group was acquired by the British multinational Micro Focus, which means that UNIX is now headquartered in Newbury, England.

Anyway, I just typed all of this so I could say “Berkshire System Distribution”. Thanks.

1 Some Berkley folks left the university and started a company. AT&T sued them. Novell sold its UnixWare to the Santa Cruz Operation. In 2000 SCO sold it to Caldera International. In 2002 Caldera changed its name to The SCO Group (as in Santa Cruz Operation). The SCO Group embarked on a bizarre campaign to license Linux (no relation) to businesses for profit under the claim that Linux contains UNIX source code that was added by International Business Machines. This worked out well and they filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy a few years later. yada yada yada. that ibm case didn’t close until like 2021 wtf. actually i guess everything stayed stupid forever

P.S. I would like to own the UNIX trademark. Do you think Micro Focus would sell it to me? They don’t seem to be using it.

P.P.S have you ever seen the first IBM logo from 1924? first IBM logo. looks like the logo of a newspaper from a comic book.

Hey there! It’s me, chee rabbits.

First, a little housekeeping: sofia called crackers “salad cookies” and then two days later called a taxidermy museum “a museum for dry animals”.

not much to report during the week. very busy, very sleepy!

We went out on a big walk. We were planning on going to a park but by the time our preparations[1] were done it was already dark and they closed the park. We walked down this long strange path and drank tequila and laughed.

feet on a path of black rubber geometry and tiny stones
lol my shoes are fucked

Went to a burrito place I’d misjudged and ate a rly good burrito and drank corona cubano. The bathroom floor was a slippery swamp of piss and shit but it was a lovely restaurant and I want to go back.

Today it’s international tequila day so we will make margaritas. Hopefully we can get a bottle of OCHO.

I’ve written a lot of code this week. Lots of lisp and lots of zig and some shell. I also occasionally did my job. you know i’ve been making websites for like 20 years now. it’s 2 decades since i wrote my habbo hotel hacking client and turned invisible and sabotaged some furni races (i know, absolute bobba behaviour) and was in a room (on habbo hotel) with the sonicmouse and met the hobba foohfooh was given the name “chee”.

“the alpha and the omega” in english is “the a and the z” which isn’t cool but in ASCII it’s “the NUL and the DEL” which is cool. “I am the NUL and the DEL, the beginning and the EOF. to the thirsty i will give from the fountain of life oωo.”

back on emacs

i’m back on emacs full time. my emacs config is a wild thing that has grown over a decade and a half. my whole system is configured by literate programming with org-babel. That’s right, baby: literate dotfiles. I call ’em docfiles. I’d really love to do an entire real project like this. It’s so powerful and so nice to be able to document the code write where it is, and keep bits that are relevant to each other next to each other even if they belong to different parts of the codebase. Like, you can write about the interface and use of the interface along side the code for both in the same document but output the code to lib/ and src/ during the “tangle” phase. It’s so cool. Maybe i should build a modern markdown-based literate programming tool. Maybe i already did that, did i? i started, but i don’t know if i accidentally threw that code away when i accidentally threw away a bunch of my repos last year when moving back to github :) :) :)


I switched from chee.baby to chee.party because the party gTLD has a deal where you can buy any number of years for about $5 each right now so i have chee.party until the year 2032. email me at yay@chee.party. if you see a reference to chee.baby or chee.snoot.club somewhere could you tell me? so i can change it to chee.party? thank u x

kara’s rp2040 eurorack platform

check this out from kb.

1 Buying tequila, going to a café and secretly filling a flask with tequila while eating a sandwich.

Sometimes the only thing between you and total desolation is a fortune cookie

My first week here has been nice. Hard sometimes, mostly because I’ve been sick a lot. I had that flu then later in the week I started vomiting bile. We drank ocho tequila in a little bar and it started to rain and we had to run inside and it was a lovely afternoon. We went shopping for clothes and that was a lovely day. We keep coming home with the intention of getting drunk and having a big fun night but then we just curl up in bed and immediately fall asleep.

I made a chili con carne tonight. It’s delicious.

I looked everywhere in el supermercado for cumin and oregano and couldn’t find any.

i bought some chili powder, the only kind there was. when i got home, i learned that in fact the chili powder had cumin and oregano and sweet paprika and pimento jajaja

it’s chili con carne powder‼️ jajaja

There’s been thunder and lightning all week and rain and medium temps. It’s been lovely. Back in London the heat seems crazy. I hope everyone is keeping safe.

I’ve been enjoying the storms, I’ve recently started a new job and it’s been going good mostly though I feel frustrated that I don’t understand the data and I don’t know how to understand the data and I think everything would be a lot easier if it was easier to understand the data but I don’t know if I can change anything.

British big cats – Wikipedia

nothing much to report! just been recovering and occasionally shopping! ate some good barbacoa!!! good days, good nights, been good. been learning some Zig too! great language! really excited about it!!!