British Summer Time

reduced capacity

i’m having a really hard time atm

hormones postage has been delayed and i’m running out, down from 6mg a day to 1mg every 2 days, and will soon (3 days) be on 0mg a day

it’s better to have a little every couple days to suddenly have 0 for a week

i learnt that in the winter we stayed near the ice skating rink

my skin feels like it’s being scraped off from the inside with tiny forks

and i’m tired and exhausted and can’t think straight or do anything right

they were ordered in April, and they left Vanuatu on 11th May on a fiji airlines cargo plane

apparently Royal Mail is taking a long time to process international orders

i tried to make a gluten free hollandaise sauce for breakfast, but instead i made a pot of yellow brains. that was about 100 times fancier a breakfast than i should have tried. i tipped the pot into the trash and somehow missed the bag and had to pick it all out of the sink with a wooden spoon

the pharmacy made an agreement with Vanuatu Post to pay an extra fee so they can ship via a fiji airlines cargo aeroplane, it’s some of the only mail going out of Vanuatu

they aren’t passing these extra shipping costs onto the customer, which is great of them

but they’ve said that if you’re in the United Kingdom (i’m in the United Kingdom) an order might take 4-8 weeks to arrive.

some people started receiving their May 11th orders on 28th May

but it’s up to luck really, about how good the route is for the package through Royal Mail to your home

and you don’t get shipping updates, because it’s on these cargo aeroplanes, not ordinary mail

i had a shower today

i’m going to shower every day, get smooth and clean, and accomplish 1 (ONE) thing every day, and eat 3 meals a day, and sleep before midnight

and when i wake up i’ll drink a glass of water, fizzied up with 2 alka-seltzer and a berocca

i will be strong girl