British Summer Time GMT+1

a bought a compact cassette recorder.


the little box for the Sanyo TRC-1148 Compact Cassette Recorder

it’s a Sanyo TRC-1148.


  • built-in speaker
  • built-in mic
  • mic port (jack)
  • ear port (jack)
  • voice-activated recording (you can arm the tape to record and have it not start rolling until it hears a loud enough sound)
  • a 3-digit tape counter

tape is warm


a tape of circus music “MUSIC FROM UNDER THE BIG TOP - The Circus All-Stars”. there is washi tape over the write-protect holes.

the seller didn’t mention there was circus music inside


the 3-digit tape counter reads 978

it’s a great album. if you wind to the end of the first side and reset the tape counter, then rewind until the counter reads 978, there is about 54 seconds of blank tape.

i’ve made some music with the tape recorder and the OP-1


the tape recorder and the op-1 (and the pocket operator k.o. and the a notebook and a pen and some gay headphones)

it’s good

— chee ( 2020-05-10