by chee rabbits

Greenwich Mean Time

raspberry pi 400

raspberry pi foundation have announced a new computer that is built into a keyboard.


the raspberry pi 400 pictured with the mouse, memory card, power supply and guidebook that come as part of its pack

this is so good!! it’s like a little amiga!

it has exposed GPIO pins, a micro SD slot, two micro HDMI, 3 usb-a ports and an ethernet port. usb-c charging. bluetooth 5.0, ble.

i want this as my work computer.

they’re £67.50 alone, or about £95 with a mouse, microsd, power supply and beginners guide.

they’ve added a heatsink and overclocked the CPU so it’s a quad-core 1.8ghz, rather than 1.5ghz.


the raspberry pi 400 pictured from behind showing its ports and pins

if the office still existed, this would be perfect for it. little 2020 zx spectrum. love that for me.

they would be so good for school too, everyone gets a keyboard with their name on it at the start of the year. you can keep it in a cupboard, or in your bag if you have a screen at home. the IT room is just a room of monitors.

i should get one and make it boot straight to a repl. maybe the python repl, and leave some glossy magazine printouts of pygame source code. or a lisp repl. or emacs.

install emacs as /sbin/init –

— chee ( 2020-11-02