by chee rabbits

Greenwich Mean Time



today i went to the dental hygenist. they really name that in such a way that if you don’t know what it is, well, i don’t think i would have gone if it had been called “dental scraping”. my mouth bled a lot, there was lots of blood, and flakes. shards flying around the room!

“calcified yuck” they said, is what the shards were.

the train home

on the train home i made this:

using a cassette recorder, the op-1 and the wired heart which i got with a voucher for doing a marketing interview with bitwig.

op-1 split drum

the drum kit on “teeth scrape teeth” is the op1’s built-in AWA Beef kit, which i fed through the tape recorder and back into the op-1 and chopped it up.

i wanted to share the kit with kara, but the op-1 stores kits as a single AIF instead of separate samples for each drum. luckily people have reverse engineered the drum format plenty. it has some embedded json in it, a bit of (standards compliant!) trickiness with the AIFC spec. the json has the start and end points for each sample (as a frame. like, you take the start value (big number) and divide it by 44100 (for the sample rate) and divide that by 4096 (for the block size) and that’s the start time in seconds).

so i threw together a scrappy script to parse the json and extract the segments with ffmpeg.

if you want it, here it is: