by chee rabbits

Greenwich Mean Time

boxing day 2021

lol hey

  • had a good week, went to Hampstead Heath
  • went on a date where the person left halfway through and then text me to tell me they weren't coming back
  • having a hard time reconciling the fact I'm so funny and cute with the fact nobody wants to date me, something's gotta give
  • got let down gentle this morning. turns out, and you're not going to believe this: it's not me, it's them!
  • looking forward to drinking a litre of tequila and two Corona extras in the bath
  • I redyed my hair last night and my hands and face have been dyed completely pink
  • I have a new lease on life after being cyberbullied in real life by the magnetic forces of the universe repeatedly for the last couple of weeks
  • I'm in the bath now writing this using dictation new line
  • on a Sunday there are two things that I do, one of which is write this blog post and the other is make a piece of music that I put in a folder labelled quote Sundays unquote
  • Sinclair 11 punctuation dictated and what Canton I guess I need to stop using this it cannot understand my accent
  • I made flautas yesterday
  • my neighbour's boyfriend left me a Christmas card and a box of chocolates. I chatted to him in the hall the next day and I didn't thank him for the card and chocolates, and when I went back into my flat the curb theme started playing in my skull bones
  • a cute fat fetishist from Kazakhstan is now messaging me on a dating app, so not all hope is lost. I can always go to Kazakhstan and be used for my body.