British Summer Time GMT+1

week 23/24


very late!

i just spent four hours writing the wrong abstraction and now i have to unwrite it. the app i'm working on is coming along really well. it can store any kind of file as a document with infinite history and collaboration built in from the beginning. you can create views and new file types with plugins, upgrade old views, share docs and spaces with your friends. when i finish it, it'll replace a lot of software for me. but it might take the rest of my life to finish it.

other than that i'm really happy. we are eating tasty and going to spain. haven't made any music for a while, everything's on hold while i write littlebook.

i said hey siri play josie and the pussycats and siri said "ok! josie and the pussycats songs from the motion picture by josie and the pussycats now playing" and then the music started and few bars in it became apparent that it was all i want for christmas is a dukla prague away kit by half man half biscuit

we went to the zoo, for zoo nights, which was a lot of fun and it's a great time at the zoo on zoo nights. monkey was there and so were the others like zebra.

have a good week.

British Summer Time GMT+1

week 22 of 2024

hello there. it's 4am! i'm awake thinking about local-first software and the origin private file system and effect and notebook application.

i am hungry and i will eat eggs. going to pick the hedgehog up from the airport in a few hours.

there’s a really angry guy in the shop. angry because a homeless person asked him for money. you’ve got four legs haven’t you mate, he keeps on shouting at the guy, you’ve got four legs. with a tone like "same as me, i earn my money". as if anyone with four, the normal amount of legs, shouldn’t need spare change. the other guy keeps shooting back "shank me then!" "two legs!" "come outside and shank me!" i got the fella a pack of amber leaf and reassured him that he does not in actual fact have four legs.

-- update: i fell asleep and didn't meet the hedgehog at the airport and i feel terrible about it. what the hell. i should be shot.

the week i spent in pain because i had a 2020-style hormone delivery interruption and it was a hard week. but hedgehog is home now and it will be like the grey and white cat and then there will be spinach and ham with beans and eggs.

the week i've worked as much as i could handle and i've spent my free time reading about various technologies, and a couple of fiction books and now i'm reading havana blue by leonardo padura.

i have to go now to the train station with a can of monster because they don't have that in the UAE and then i will come home and it will be like the grey and white cat and then i'll do the next part

British Summer Time GMT+1

week 21 of 2024

it's 19 degrees celsius and partly cloudy and 1:00p.m..

i actually MADE lamb moussaka this week! it was delicious and LARGE the biggest aubergine in the world. it was so cute from the side with its 5 layers of 🍆 and zucchini and 🐑 and 🍅 and on top instead of bechamel it was an egg+yoghurt+mozzarella blend topped with parmesan.


yes, yesyes. what else? i wrote a shared list application you can make a project by going to /p/anything or a normal list with /l/anything. it is built with a library called yjs which implements a thing called CRDTs which are a very cool way of offline-first collaboration to always converge to the same document in a way that makes sense to a user. they quietly got really good 4 years ago when martin kleppman wrote a paper, a scholarly article, and now there is a lot of extremely exciting progress happening. they have the opportunity to change software completely, the next swing of the long pendulum in the grandfather clock of Big Computer<->Personal Computer. we can have software that runs locally on our computer, but syncs between our computer and our phone without having a Google or Amazon or anyone in between, just our own computers talking to each other. on top of that, you can invite your friend to work on your file too and you can work together, even offline, and when you both reconnect your changes will merge together. with no cloud in between! just talking to each other! also for kind of for free you get infinite undo, time travel, branching paths. and!! a man called Seph Gentle is working on an exciting thing right now that's going to make them even cooler. it's one of the most interesting things that's happening in the computer.

also another exciting thing inside the computer is which is a node.js-like runtime that can be used to build webview-powered native apps for mac, windows, linux, android and iOS.

zoozoo is going away for a week. did i mention we're going to spain? flying into madrid and out from barcelona. what fun.

i've lost hours over the past few days trying to pick a name for the app i'm trying to build, which is so much more fun than building it.

i hope your day is good, have an enjoyable bank holiday

British Summer Time GMT+1

week 20 of 2024 😋

it's 12 degrees and clear and 1:37a.m.

  • busy
  • tense
  • boxes
  • driver sang a song
    • unrelated we were laughing in the back seat about a line in house on mango street when she said they look they they smell like brooms
    • think the drive thought we were laughing at him because after he said "i did it on purpose to make you laugh" and i felt bad but couldn't explain
  • schengen visa
    • going to spain
  • meal deal princess
  • climbed in a bin
  • packing, working, grumping about

moving is very sleepyfying

i'm tired as can be

but im trying to build something, so don't wanna sleep yet. it isn't the shape it needs to be yet. it needs to be where i can see t and know it's real and what to do next and then i can sleep.

next month spain, next month zoo nights. una casita amarilla en el bosque cerca (well, cerca-ish) de Barcelona. tenemos nuestras boletos and woo woo chorizo and yum yum

pizza express was tasty.
big turkish dinner was tasty.
i don't know if i made anything tasty.

congrats kjc

eat some lamb mousakka this week.

British Summer Time GMT+1

week 19 of 2024

  • 🌄 sunrise 5:12 a.m. British Summer Time
  • 🌇 sunset 8:41 p.m. British Summer Time
  • partly sunny 21℃ and Mostly Cloudy

so sleepy !!!

the package arrived from bartlett it was the magazine offal. i really enjoyed the pieces i read and look forward to reading more.

Apple Shortcuts is my favourite programming language. it's so there, and really is Actual Thing Oriented, objects that are real stuff you can feel and understand and hold touch rather than data efficient memory layouts. It has triggers now on the iPhone so you can launch a Shortcut when you come home, or get a text from a certain person, or at certain times. really fun.

a lot of the time you can change how you think.

i did something fun for work last week, and i'll be finishing it up tomorrow. i know being fulfilled by your job is for protestants and capitalists, but today is the first sunday in a while i've not been dreading tomorrow and that's nice.

last sunday when zoozer came over we started a week of keto. on monday we went to a whiskey tasting at buffalo trace. later i made some creamy cajun chicken that i will make again. animal of the day: the humble fanaloka.

in the morning it was eggs with chorizo and fresh mozarella and parsley. i had had enough that day of straight gays, data "journalism" and concision. later there was salmon fish and tahinia salad.

we deleted our amazon accounts, zoozoo signed up for fastmail, we read books on our ereaders. i've read john dolar's erdogan pizza (5⭐) john wyndham's the chrysalids (3.7⭐). if you are on thestorygraph and want to be my friend on there you can add me my username is cheee.

i had preördered fadi kattan's new recipe book bethlehem a few months ago. it's out next week. i'd preördered it on amazon so when i deleted my account i re-preördered it on it's out may 16th so i selected next day delivery so i'd get it on may 17th, but they sent it out actually next day so i got it on may 9th! support your local bookshop.

using the todo list application is actually helping me. i fixed the light under the cooker hood finally. and lots of other stuff. i have an apple shortcut that adds a todo item to import stuff i've written on paper into the todo system when i arrive home from being outside. and it's been good fun learning an application together. things can be cloying and true at once.

went to see the new garfield movie with zoozoo today. the movie was not very good but it was fun to sit in the cinema with z. we should go to the cinema to see a good movie some time. i enjoyed when jon was adding parmesan and said "say when" and garfield the cat said "never".

life is good.

i'm so dehydrated i wish there was something that could be done about it.

nothing much more to report.

hope you have a nice week. e-mail me.