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week 16 of 2024

  • πŸŒ„ sunrise 5:51 a.m. British Summer Time
  • πŸŒ‡ sunset 8:07 p.m. British Summer Time
  • sunny 9℃ and Mostly Clear

old business

i forgot to mention it last week, but look at this super cute collage postcard lb made and sent over

a clean hand with great skin and good nails holding an emporer tarot card
neath the light of a spiral moon

new business

little springs

we have no ruffled grouses nor spring peepers here but there were plenty of moths. zoozoo was staying the week and we cleaned out the everything. i realized the masa harina incident never truly ended because around the corner in that haunted cupboard there was an unseen organic granola full of breeding henries. we have since destroyed their habitat and defeated them, it would seem, for good.

schengen area

imagine a visa application system where you had to have tickets for a flight and hotel before you apply for the appointment to ask for permission to use the flight and hotel, and where very few of the visa appointments are given out every month, and where they are snatched up quickly, and then you only get 90 days if you're lucky. eventually we managed to get an appointment and have accidentally booked a trip to spain in june.


in other news, if you have a UK Biometric Residence Permit you can visit Macedonia for 15 days without a visa this year only apparently.

All foreign nationals who are holders of valid USA, UK-British, and Canadian visas, with multiple entries can enter the Republic of North Macedonia without requiring a short-stay (visa C) issued from the Republic of North Macedonia. The length of the stay at one entrance should not exceed 15 (fifteen) days, while the duration and the validity of the USA, British, and Canadian visa should be 5 (five) days longer than the planned stay in the Republic of North Macedonia. This decision is of a temporary character and shall be in force from 1 January 2024 to 31 December 2024.

good news for roasted red pepper fans.

other business

i didn't take any notes this week, so it's hard to retrace my steps. i think we mostly just tidied and tidied and tidied. the apartment looks lovely. and i cooked lots of nice meals. roasted red pepper and feta dip; and curry; and lemon and garlic and olive oil and butter codfish; and keto-ejjeh; a beef sausage tomato and roast pepper casserole; many cheese flatbreads, one very pizza; labneh. a nice fat omelete this morning with grilled bacon and philadelphia.

i'm reading the john dolan book, enjoying his surprisingly parallel struggles as he sees the world by accident. it's good company to know you can be 60 years old and still not have your shit together but survive and eat mcdonalds.

market business

we went for a nice walk today to the market. then to see where the marathon began, it was noisy. we stopped in at a coffee shop and bought some cute amber glass cups and saucers and new filters and came home and some nice coffee with lunch that was leftover dinner. it's funny how all those marathon strangers peering up at the tops of the buildings on my local high street like it was some foreign land made it all feel new again. with april threatening to shine a summer sun and take its clouds in the days feel long and hopeful, like they could have a joy in them.

well, have a nice week. plenty more. plenty more.

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week 15 of 2024

sparkle cherries sparkle cherries sparkle

lovely week, really

zoozoo was over at my rabbit hutch for a few days, and on tuesday we went out to slade green to collect my 201 pocket piano. it was fun riding the train and drinking canned beers. the instrument is great fun! very playful.

she had a friend coming over for Eid so left on Wednesday morning, we had kind of a strange night but it was just a lot of pressure from feeling like there isn't much time to make a lot of big decisions.

more silly things on this website

i spent some of my free time this week adding a micropub endpoint so i can write posts from (for instance) IA or on my phone and computer.

NOTE FOR COMPUTER PEOPLE ONLY: implementing micropub is actually not as hard i thought AND you don't actually need indieauth.

indieauth is just used to get a oauth token, but then the oauth token is sent as authentication: Bearer ${token}. so i just made one publish token and then told IA about it.

i'm having a lot of fun making little icons and preparing for interactive and art posts. hopefully soon i'll actually have some art inside me again to put in them. but for now it's a lot of fun laying brick.

sneaking through the night

i took a bolt at about 2am on friday morning, intending to stay for only a few hours or so. but then i stayed until sunday. i met her friend Sam, who is lovely and interesting. we all made vine leaves together on saturday for workingman's eid.

they were extremely delicious. we used laila's recipe from The Gaza Kitchen. that's a really great book that intertwines eloquent and vivid recipes with eloquent and vivid stories of gaza. the potatoes were like lemons.

we said our goodbyes on sunday morning. zoozer and i made plans for the next day, she's coming to visit for a week.

sunday lounging scrounging

the dlr is in fact NOT RUNNING today which means it is not possible to travel between any two places in London. so we're gonna stay here another night before we do our little choo-choo + chee + zoo-zoo experiment of living together at my place for a week or two to see if we'd like to life together at my place for a month or three while we bank dollar after dollar on Half Price Rent.

i have the tightest abs and the biggest ass in the city of london

oh i'll turn the oven on

i made a delicious tangy curry with freshly stewed tomatos and everything else in the fridge. and a cucumber yoghurt sauce with all the juice a lemon had and a little vinegar. it was extremely delicious. freshly stewed tomatos really bare almost no resemblance to canned chopped tomatos.

other matters

weather forecast says cloudy rainy rainy cloudy cloudy rainy rainy cloudy

🌞 ¿where is picnic? 🌞

why do wifi 7 routers look like that? like they were sent here by an alien race of spider people?

well, i think it's time that we all had a little hazy jane and watched an episode of lodge 49 don't you?

have a little think about biggly-winks.


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