by chee rabbits

British Summer Time
we've spent all our holiday money on bath bombs and beauty masks. they have so many i got a boob mask
British Summer Time

British Summer Time

micropub, which is a shared API for servers that post content

and microsub, which is a shared API for servers that handle people's feed subscriptions

combine together to create a concept known as "social reader"

where you have an RSS reader but you can do likes and replies

idk it's super exciting

British Summer Time

we're in North Harrow watching Sky Arts a small tv and a framed painting of
flowers on a white wall

British Summer Time

there's no bathtub in our flat

last night we picked a random hotel with a bath in Greater London, and now this morning we're going to Harrow

gonna go to regents park and see the cows, and then take the metropolitan line 22 stops to Harrow and get into the tub

a map showing a route from South East London to Harrow. labeled "1 hr 11

I've never taken the maroon length before, it's exciting

it's so long and maroon

we return on Monday to a new city