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North Harrow could do with a few more traffic lights

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Sunday, 16th May 2021

  • On Monday i talked to the doctor about parts of my body going numb (peripheral neuropathy)
    • They were a little mocking and weird about it when i asked if it could be diabetes (because it seems to happen when i eat stuff that would raise my blood sugar)
    • They issued a blood test
    • Abe collected it on his way home, also bringing taco ingredients
    • My body hurts
  • most meals this week have been tacos
  • in this clip from True Detective, when McConnahuey says "Again, and again, forever" he has Simon Legg's exact mannerisms and facial expressions
  • added indieweb features to my blog
    • it turns out there's a bunch of wordpress plugins for indieweb
    • and i don't have to do any work to support things like Webmentions
    • and there's a theme that adds a bunch of semantic html to post types. it's amazing
      • i've forked that theme; "rabbit sempress" is what i'm using here
    • i informed my RSS subscribers that the feed may get more noisy
    • and now i can replace Telecam and with wordpress lol
      • also if i ever stop being a weirdo about social media then i can feed those RSS feeds to stuff like Twitter and Instagram
    • using "post own site, syndicate elsewhere" (POSSE) turns social networks into nodes
      • i post something on my blog, it gets syndicated to Twitter
      • you like it from your site. the like gets syndicated to Twitter
      • the like is then picked up by something like Bridgy which sends a Webmention to my blog
      • Our nodes have used Twitter as a node to communicate
      • Social networks no longer the network, now nodes on a wider network: the web
  • On Tuesday, I had the blood test
    • the person said "I am a student: is it OK if I take your blood?"
  • PSA: You should stop using AWS in your personal projects
  • Abe woke up in the middle of the night and said
    • "Hello! I'm looking at the lights-- Not the lights but the reflectives. They store the energy???"

    • and then went back to sleep

  • On Thursday I got my blood results
    • My average blood sugar has been over twice as high as the top-end of "normal range" for at least a month
    • screenshot of a photo of a woman eating salad captioned "Type 2 Diabetes Prompted This Woman ot Give Up..."
  • On Friday night we opened and filtered "Greater London" by "has bath" and booked the first result
    • We're in Harrow now
    • It's cute here
    • We got a bunch of bath products like radox, and bath bombs, and bubble bath and a bunch of masks (face, eye, hair, boob & bum)
      • i am so clean
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we've spent all our holiday money on bath bombs and beauty masks. they have so many i got a boob mask