British Summer Time GMT+1

week 18 of 2024

  • πŸŒ„ sunrise 5:24 a.m. British Summer Time
  • πŸŒ‡ sunset 8:30 p.m. British Summer Time
  • partly sunny 19℃ and Mostly Cloudy

A few of us are hanging out a Fozzie's tonight. Do you wanna come?

The lucky are the people who know what they like, and know what they're good at, and know how to do those two together as soon as asap.

I think last week when we left off I was waiting for a washing machine. It was raining on sunday. They called before it came and I let them know the only entrance is a metal staircase on the outside of the building. They told me, dismissively "yes yes" and hung up. They arrived and decided not to fit the machine. They explained that outside my house there is a metal staircase and that because it's been raining it will be difficult to get a washing machine into the building.

Later in the day it turned out to be beautiful, sunniest day this year or that might have been my mood as I walked through Bow ready to pack and help. The bus journey to Bow, though, was one of the low points of my life. Everyone felt the Summer in the air, and the Spring too. Our bus route goes through Millenium Park, which homes the only IKEA in town. There was a lot of furniture, a lot of families, not a lot of space. The strongest memory of it i have, however, is narrowing my eyes to see the curves of Poseiden's butt in a photo of a painting in a museum in Portugal included in the book i was reading. And then dropping an Elvis juice which span across the bus floor like a top.

Staying drunk for days and then sober for weeks gives you a very different perspective on the world vs drinking at nights.

I arrived at Lucky's, made some emergency mexican-lebanese food of canned refried beans with chickpeas and cumin and fried beef mince with cinnamon and onions.


Monday i worked from home and wondered if i even want to do this. I bade farewell to Zoozoo who zoomed off to airport to meet Mimi for a week. I ate poorly because i'm alone. Is it normal to need someone to take care of in order to be bothered to care for yourself?

I fell asleep in the middle of the day.


And woke up at midnight on Tuesday very confused. I added /themes to my blog. There are also some secret themes based on some of my favourite colleagues' blogs.

expand to see the secret themes

you know when you're too tired to do anything but too tired to sleep? good to have a few dumb ideas sitting around just for then.

Zizard came over for a bit to collect a charger, i sent her away with an iced latte.

In the evening I watched RRR. It’s a movie about two cute boys being best friends and dancing and how the English must be wiped off the face of the earth. and about how there is nothing more evil than a class traitor other than the system that makes them think being a class traitor is their only hope. and, obviously, the English. And how there is no more important bonding experience for two men than killing as many Englishmen as possible. And about how the only way to increase the value of a bullet it to put it through an English heart. And how the only thing that can save us is a song (and intense military training and guns) and friendship and religion.

Let not the result be your motive, nor let your attachment be to inaction.

That movie was 3 hours long and i could honestly watch another 6 hours of it. great dances.


Wedensday I waited for machines. Try #2 for the washing machine. Also my OP-1F finally home from repairs in Sweden. UPS just left that one on my doorstep and walked away. The washing machine man said there was nothing wrong with my old washing machine, and it was the pipes that are fucked. But he's wrong. New washing machine is working well.

A programme I wrote for other people stopped working because the web platform silently changed underneath me like it's 2011. If you've been cloning declarative shadow root templates kept inside templates (i think the only sensible way to use this feature if you're trying to use the web as an operating system rather than as an instruction set) then you'll now have to add shadowrootclonable=true to your inner template element. A fundamental breaking change that the browsers didn't even mention in their release notes (except Safari Technology Preview, unexpectedly).

Alice Bartlett said she's going to mail me something that reminds her of my writing. I'm excited! The Royal Mail!


watched Killers of the Flower Moon. a movie about power and evil and how white people need to be wiped off the face of the earth and how nothing will save us except love and the FBI.

Zoozoo had her schengen appointment!!! It went well!!! We may be in the sunny world of European Spain in a little over a month!!!!!!!!!!!

If not, there's always Macedonia, Turkey and Lebanon.

I bought a homeless guy a pack of cigarettes and walked away swaggering like I'm Auda Abu Tayi "i'm a river to my people!"βΈ»i took a note to make fun of myself about that later.

Went out for a drink and learned several times in a row that I no longer know how to talk to centrists. The centre between "eradicate a people" and "don't eradicate a people" is what exactly? Eradicate a few hundred thousand more?

I don't need your vibes-based analysis of the situation that is made of 40 tweets and 1 wikipedia article on the issue, and if you're going to be wrong and uninformed and confident and lecturing all at once I may well be angry and I may well be patronizing and I may well be impatient and I am not going to feel sorry about it and I am not going to shake your hand because there is no "debate" to be had when your side is genocide.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

It's been chill. I picked up Zoozoo's new ebook reader (a kobo clara colour) and filled it with some books she is reading or interested in reading. She'll be over soon once she's left Mimi at the airport.

blurry photograph of zaina standing by a lighthouse in plymouth

cool picture of zoozoo at a lighthouse in plymouth


going to a whiskey tasting at the buffalo trace distillery tomorrow.

enjoy your lengthy weekend.